Hot & Affordable Accessories for Autumn/Fall


Sunglasses and a pair of hoops takes your outfit from 0-100 real quick and it requires the least amount of effort. I recently received these shades which are from James Bensen’s very first sunglass collection (I really like how they suit my face and they are polarized). The hoops are from a friend. Pair these two simple items together with a sleek hairdo and you’re good to go.


These are some of my current go-to sunnies that I will be rotating between. Small shades are really hot right now and as you can tell, I play it safe with neutral colours. These are from Third Eyewear, Woolworths, and MrP.

The brown pairs go well with outfits that are more subdued and that have a monochromatic colour pallet. The black pairs go with literally anything!


A necklace is often the missing ‘piece’ to an outfit. Different outfits require different neck pieces and I have been slowly trying to grow my collection with some plain gold chains as well as pendants and chokers. I have been loving what our local entrepreneurs have been doing and have bought some pieces from them. 


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