My favourite Body Shop Products of the Moment


Indulging in cruelty-free products.

1.Brush – This brush is used to evenly apply product on the body which also helps to avoid leaving a mess. It’s high quality and applies smoothly. I like that it’s easy to wash as well.

2. Spa of the World: Himalayan Clay Body Mask – This product has been great when I want to relax. I usually put in on areas like my shoulders, neck, arms, chest, and hips. Once the clay has hardened and done its job, all that’s left to do is rinse and relax in a hot bath. It smells of eucalyptus and lavender (very therapeutic) which is enough to put you into instant relaxation mode.

3. Almond Milk Body Yogurt This lovely new form of body moisturizer is one of my absolute favourites as it is lightweight and super absorbent. I don’t feel sticky after applying the product which is definitely something I look for in a body moisturizer. I love the scent – although it may be too perfumed for some. This product is also said to be 100% vegetarian.

4.Vitamin E toner – This toner is great as it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight – probably because it’s alcohol-free. Instead, it feels quite hydrating and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed and smells quite nice too. It helps to minimize the appearance of my pores. I try my best to never skip toning in my skincare regime as it really helps get rid of any makeup left behind (even after cleansing my face).

5. Drops of Youth: Eye concentrate – This product targets an issue that I have specifically – dark under eyes. Because of sleep deprivation, allergies and not taking proper care of my skin, I tend to get dark circles under my eyes and often find myself trying to hide it with concealers and makeup. In the end, it only ends up looking worse. Thankfully this little product has been included in my skincare regime since December 2018 and I have been enjoying the results. Since using this my dark circles have significantly lightened, and I wish had taken before and after images. The roller ball is cooling, and the product is very absorbent and moisturizing. 

6. Drops of Youth: Youth Cream – This facial moisturizer is a lightweight and gel-like texture. It is very absorbent and after using it for a while I noticed how my skin was feeling firm and supple. It also helped me achieve a very even-toned skin.

For a full review, watch my video.

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