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About Environ Focus Care Range

Environ is globally known for its respected and trusted Professional Skincare products. Now they have introduced their new Focus Care Range which is supposed to give your skin more of what it needs to be flawless.

Since receiving two of their products from this new range, I have added them to my skincare routine. The new range was created to target specific skin conditions i.e. dehydration, ageing, or sensitivity. We (Ambour and I) put these products to the test. Ready to hear the review? (Read till the end, I got to chat with one of Environ’s Manager at the Environ Skin Care Institute!)

Environ Focus Care Products being tested

I was sent two of the following products so that I could test them out with someone: Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque and Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Capsules.

Environ Focus Care: Revival Masque

Environ Focus Care Range Youth+

Chelsea: At first I was afraid to test out this product as it contains AHAs which are relatively strong chemicals and I have sensitive skin.

I washed my face with my regular face wash, let my skin air dry and then moved onto applying the mask. I left the revival masque on for 15 minutes before washing it off.

When I washed it off my skin felt smooth and there was no tight feeling. I’m also glad that the mask did’nt cause any reactions to my skin.

Ambour: The first time I used the environ mask it left my skin feeling smooth – even in the cracks of my nose and chin area. It felt like it took away all the build up in those areas. It tingles while it’s on the face but nothing too hectic (just feels like it’s working).

After leaving it on for 15min I rinsed it off with warm water and it gave my skin a healthy -looking glow.

Environ Focus Care: Hydrating Capsules

Environ Focus Care Range Youth+
Environ Focus Care Range Youth+

The next step was to apply the oil capsules.

Chelsea: Surprisingly there was a lot of product in that tiny capsule. These oil capsules are so amazing and they really hydrated my skin. The consistency was not too thick and it didn’t feel like an oil – it felt more soft and silky if that makes any sense. There was no excess residue upon application which meant I could happily sleep on my pillows without leaving any oil marks.

Ambour: The oil capsules looked small at first and I thought to myself: how is this going to be enough for my whole face? It actually ended up being more than enough and it just absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling plump and moisturised. I also like how it’s not oily at all even though it’s an oil.

Q&A with Manager at Environ Skin Institute 

1. AHAs are said to remove the first layer of your skin – does this Environ mask do just that? AHA’s have the ability to dissolve the protein bonds that keep skin cells together thus assisting in helping the old skin cells to shed off easier. The aim of this masque though (I’m assuming you are revering to the Revival Masque) is more anti-ageing, firming and tightening of the skin.

2. Besides youthful skin, is there any other benefits of this mask? It gives the skin a beautiful glow and also refines you skin texture (looks more smooth) which in turn makes the skin look more youthful.

3. The box says to use the mask twice a week. For someone like me in their early twenties, what is the recommended usage?  If you are a new user of Environ we do recommend that it only be used twice a week purely as a precaution to see how the skin responds. As the skin adjusts to the product and the Vitamin A (if you are using our moisturiser) you will be able to include it into you routine more often. Once your skin has adjusted to daily use (if need be) you can actually start using it at night as an overnight masque applied over your moisturizer. This you can then do as often as you feel the skin needs.

4. Can you apply any moisturizer after using the mask or are there certain chemical ingredients to avoid? Ideally we would recommend our vitamin A moisturisers either out of the Original or CQuence Ranges or our Avance DFP312 moisturiser.

5. How many times do you think you need to use these products in order to start seeing noticable results?  The firming and tightening effect is almost instant, you will feel that the next day already. For the more long term results though we do recommend with any of our product at least 10 – 12 weeks to really see a significant difference in the skin. This can be helped along though if you include one of our the vitamin A moisturisers seeing our products to work synergistically to give best results.

6. The mask should be on your face for 10-20mins but for younger skin like mine, how long can you suggest I keep it on for? That is the recommended time but to be honest, your skin is the one to guide you. If it is too tingly (uncomfortably so) then you must remove it, nothing should ever feel like it’s burning (fire burn) your skin. This is also why we do recommend the use of vitamin A with it purely to help with the normalising of the skin especially if you have not use something AHA base before. If your skin if fine and there is no adverse response you can leave it one for the recommended time of max 20 min.

7. What kind of oils are in the oil pearls and how often does one use it?We use a variety of plant-based oils in the capsules including vitamin A and a whole host of other anti-oxidant ingredients. When introducing it to your routine especially if you have not used vitamin A before two to three times a week and then it can be added daily as your primary moisturiser at night should you want to. It’s a lovely pamper product or for those special occasions seeing it gives the skin an instant glow and radiant look. It works beautifully under foundation due to its texture.


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