Product Review: Aveeno Daily Moisturising lotion


Winter has definitely taken its toll on my skin, and with the extra hot showers to fight off the chill, my skin is left dry and lifeless. I usually tend to reach for oils and body scrubs during this time to keep my skin supple and healthy looking. When choosing a body lotion I would usually opt for a body butter to relieve my skin from dryness and also because they usually smell sensational. If I do use a body lotion I lean towards ones that are very absorbent, that are not too perfumed, and that is suitable for my sensitive skin. I don’t enjoy any product that leaves my body feeling sticky.

I was recently introduced to Aveeno which is a daily moisturising lotion. It contains collodial oatmeal which helps seal in moisture and protects the skin’s barrier. It contains NO parabens and NO colourants.

After using this product for a full week consistenly, I have noticed a difference in my skin. I usually apply after showering and sometimes before leaving the house in the mornings. Previously my skin was very dry and looked as if it was cracking. Now my skin is looking and feeling a lot better than before.

Aveeno leaves no sticky or oily residue so its perfect to use just before bed. It has no fragrance which is something I enjoy as even the slightest scent activates my sinus. It has not left my skin with any bad reactions, and if anything, it has helped with dryness.

Aveno products can be found at all leading pharmacies and the RSP is R79.99 for 200ml


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