Beauty Blletin sent me a box filled with various products from DOVE’s new haircare range. The point of this trial review was to allow our friends and family to test out these products as well which allowed for more honest reviews. Here is what my team had to say about the products they used.

Rezhaan on Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Treatment Mask

Well out of all shampoos, masks, and conditioners, this range actually made my hair feel really soft and changed the texture of my hair. So instead of my hair going dry and bushy it tamed it tremendously. This made me feel confident about leaving my hair in its natural state. I also loved the smell because it made my hair smell so fruity and fresh.

Mikyle on Nourish Oil Care Daily Conditioner & Treatment Mask and, Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask 

I absolutely LOVE the blue treatment mask with the keratin as well as the dry oil treatment mask.  It makes my hair feel so light and doesn’t weight my hair down. It made my hair very shiny after each use. I enjoyed using the conditioner because it smells amazing – very fruity. It also made my hair extremely soft and smooth when I applied heat to my hair. Overall, these products worked really well for my hair I truly enjoyed it.



Ambour on Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner  

The first time I washed my hair it came out looking dull (I’m not sure why) but after using it a few more times I began to see better results. It gave me volume and left my hair smelling amazing. I think the packaging is very clean/fresh. I enjoyed reviewing these products, although this is not the shampoo that I personally would grab for all the time even though I think its very nice, I just feel it does not top my current shampoo. The blue mask has keratin in it which is known for having straightening properties. I did not want to try it out because I have used it before and having naturally curly hair, I did not want to weigh my hair down. However when I know I am going to be straightening my hair I would use the blue mask because it gives my hair a soft and sleek finish once my hair is straightened.


Chelsea on Oxygen Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner & Nutritive Treatment Mask (Keratin)

I personally didn’t enjoy the shampoo on its own – it made my hair a bit dry and the feeling wasn’t soft like it usually is. Once I started using it with the conditioner I enjoyed it much more because only then my hair felt smooth, soft and shiny. I cannot get enough of the smell because its that good! I think the packaging is great with the minimal text style and the colours used makes the product look very sleek and quite attractive. The hair mask is a real pleasure to use as the keratin leaves my hair soft, smooth, slightly straighter and smelling lovely. Overall, I enjoy Dove’s haircare products on the whole and would repurchase in future.


Amy on Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, Pure Care Dry Oil Mask, Intensive Repair Treatment Mask

The shampoo and conditioner smelt very good but it didn’t really agree with my hair. It made my hair quite bushy it wasn’t a very sleek finish like some other brands do to my hair, but that could be because this range is for fine and flat hair and I have really thick hair so perhaps it gave my hair some volume. The dry oil treatment mask worked well – it made my hair very soft nd smooth. The Intensive Repair mask felt quite “rich” if I can describe it as that and it made my hair quite oily even though I only left it on for 2-3 minutes.


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