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Good Morning!

Today I kinda struggled to wake up and I’m not sure why but to make myself feel a bit better I got up and had a fruit bowl for breakfast and skipped my usual caffeine fix. I feel so much better now. Today I definitely need to go for another run seeing that I haven’t exercised all weekend, yikes! I don’t know if you have seen on my Instagram but for the past 2 weeks I have been much better food and beverage choices because my eating habbits were so horrofic and I had mild IBS (google it if you are not familiar). Because of all the discomfort I had internally and not to mention my weight gain I decided that it was time to make a change because a 20-something year old should not be suffering with such issues. So from now on I will be posting more of my meals and food recipes and hacks along the way to help those who want to make a healthy change in their lives too. Did I mention I can’t drink normal milk anymore too? I now drink Lactose free milk or almond milk and I stay away from overindulging in dairy products and that has already proven a significant different (no more bloated tummies, yeay!)

So later today I’m going to watch my boyfriend bodyboard by my home and I might just get in the water with him so keep an eye out for images of that. If not I will definitely be capturing him in the waves. Ciao!

Apart from that, I wanted to share with you the last look I did with Anthea Adams Photography and I hope you guys like it because the images came out so beautifully. I enjoyed working with Anthea and her Squad. FInd them on Instagram to check out more of their work and don’t forget to check out my interview on her website if you haven’t already.

Photography : @antheaadamsphotography

MUA: @chedivuma

Styled by me // Knit – @Woolworths | Skirt – @Mrprice | Earrings – @H&M



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