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A few weeks ago my sister and I picked up some Stila products and because we have been enjoying it so much I decided to do a review on it. Firstly, the gold packaging is really something that caught my eye because it makes the product look really expensive, and lets not forget that there are great quality mirrors in each casing which has definitely came in handy on a few occasions. I got some of the basics that should be in every girl’s makeup bag i.e. compact eye shadow palette, lipstick, liquid lipstick, and highlighter. Continue reading to get my honest opinion on these products.

Highlighter: Stila has three different highlighter shades to match different skin tones and might I add that they are so luxuriously smooth so it almost melts into your skin and of course its popping with all that shimmer.

Eye shadow Palettes: I purchased the Eyes are the Window Shadow Palette in Soul and I cannot rave enough about it. I love that it has both mattes and shimmers and contains the perfect amount of neutral shades. The colours are quite pigmented and because it it so smooth it applies super easily on the lids and blends really nicely.

Lipstick: I got the MATTE’ificent Lipstick in the shade  Bonbon a colour that is in between maroon and brown. These matte lipsticks are brilliant because it isn’t as drying as other branded matte lipsticks. If you line your lips first and then apply the lipstick it can really last for hours, trust me because I have tried it.

Liquid Lipstick: The last thing I picked up from Stila was the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Dolce. Its a gorgeous nude colour with a bit of an orange pigment. When you apply it on your lips it feels super lightweight and smells really nice. It dries super fast and does not smudge which is something I always look out for when looking for new lipsticks. This liquid lipstick has become my new go-to and I definitely would love to get me a few more colours to add to my collection. If you are going to wear a matte liquid lipstick make sure you prep your lips before hand – moisturize is well and exfoliate to get rid of the dry skin which will help you achieve a smooth application and finish.

Overall, I think Stila is a brand that offers great value for your money because the products I have tried out so far have not disappointed me. There are still a few more Stila products that I would like to try out. Soon I will be creating a few make-up looks using all these Stila products. I hope you are encouraged to go out and try some of their products (available at Woolworths).


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