Being Confident in your Skin


I have been lowkey obsessed with the way that some women are able to rock these sexy little outfits and look so confident doing it. Personally I don’t really wear things that are revealing mainly because I am so self-conscious all the time and I feel uncomfortable when I have too much skin showing. I don’t want to feel that way any more. I want to be proud of the skin that I am in and therefore I need to start taking pride in my body. There’s something so powerful about a women who can wear anything and project confidence to every individual around her. This outfit was inspired by those European women who are able to proudly show some skin because I was truly inspired by them. Having a little bit of Portuguese in my blood also makes me want to start tapping into my “inner sexy fashionista” and embracing this style when need be.

I thought I’d start off with this very revealing swimsuit which I have doubled as a bodysuit. Pairing it with skinny jeans enhances the “booty” and all your curves cause that’s the look we’re going for right? Of course you’re gonna need some heels to finish off your look. I pulled all my hair back so that your attention was focused on the clothing.

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Styled by: Me

Make up by: Me

Photos by: @aneeqkeyser

Outfit details:

Swimsuit       @mpireboutique

Jeans              Topshop

Shoes              Legit



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