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February has basically come and gone and it could not have been any better. After the January drought, the Month of Love came around as a sort of “pick me up month” which definitely had everyone spreading the love. My Valentine’s Day was so precious as I celebrated a major anniversary with my boyfriend too. This month has been filled with so many spontaneous date which means I always have to be prepared to be comfortable, and of course to look good. Thank you to @Superbalist for hooking me up with these cute lace-up pumps from @Aldo which is My Perfect Pair for a cute and comfy outfit for date night.

Please note that this is something out of my comfort zone because I typically wear flip flops, sneakers, and heels when I go out – I never ever wear flat ‘dressy’ shoes because I feel that it puts emphasis on my short legs. But might I add that these shoes are so pretty, I might actually be in love with them.

I paired my shoes with classic pieces i.e. the crisp white shirt and denim shorts because when you have on a pair of gorgeous shoes, you really don’t want to take the attention away from it. And to top it all off I did a bright pink lip because its the Month of Love, duh.

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2 Responses
  • Ray
    Feb 24, 2017

    Simply love this style.

      Feb 27, 2017

      I’m glad you do, hope it inspires you to wear something similar that suits your style

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