Styling Sissyboy’s off-the-shoulder top Part 3


I’m back at it. Apologies for the long wait but between holiday getaways and an overload of campus work – things have been really hectic for me. For my final styling of my Sissyboy top I decided to go for a look that would be suitable for any evening affair. When trying to decide on an outfit for dinners I’m always faced with the anxiety of either being underdressed or too overdressed. Going with a longer length skirt that is high-waisted always works simply because it can be paired with so many different kinds of tops – crop tops, a blouse, turtle necks so forth.

In this look I matched my top with a black skirt from Zara because black is always gorgeous for evening wear. My strappy heels is a great contrast to the two solid colours in my outfit. I added some diamond classic gold hoops which is so striking because of its elegance.

For my hair I got my inspiration from Kourtney Kardashian. I love how her hair styles are always so slick but at the same time it looks effortless, and because my outfit was relatively simple I wanted to keep the same idea for my hairstyle. So I decided to have it straight with a sleek middle path which was super easy to do. I will be doing a few “How to’s” real soon so keep an eye out for that! I hope you enjoyed my different styling of my gorgeous top, thank you Sissyboy!

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  • Motso
    Nov 2, 2016

    love love…thank god is month end, I will definitely get one lol

    #Beautiful blog post

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