Wedding Outfit: On a Budget




I had a wedding to attend not too long ago and I wrecked my brain trying to find something to wear. I didn’t have money to buy a new outfit because of the harsh reality of being a student. I then decided that it was not necessary for me to buy something new because I have so many clothing items in my wardrobe that still have its price tags on them (I feel so bad about this) so I thought I would try and pair some of my old pieces with some of the new ones. In doing so I found an outfit that I think was really cute and could pass for wedding attire.


I do not usually like to talk about the price of things but I thought I would share with you some tips on how to spend your money more effectively. Dusty pink is one of my favourite colours at the moment and pairing it with black is very hot right now. I had this soft tulle skirt that I bought last year sometime from Mr Price and only wore it once before; it was R100 at the time and for such a pretty skirt I think it was a great deal. I was determined to find a black top to match the skirt so I had to scratch through all my tops. I ended up choosing this black off-the-shoulder top I got at Factorie a few months ago on sale for R50. My next worry was shoes. My shoes are from Zoom and these are one of my favourite pairs because of its diamante front that makes it look so elegant and expensive even though I “copped” these babies on sale last year for about R200. I needed something to keep my phone and my lipstick etc. so I added a black clutch to my outfit. My clutch bag is from H&M. I found it at the H&M sale in May for about R150. Lastly, my earrings and matching necklace is Swarovski crystals that I borrowed from my aunt and that cost me absolutely nothing.


Realizing that my entire outfit added up to +- R500 inspired me to do this blog post. Had these items been normal price it would have been more than R1000 and that is why I believe that there is nothing wrong with picking up sale items that can add some greatness to your outfit. To be honest, I have so many clothing items that I wear once and never again because I’m afraid that people might see me in it again and judge me for wearing it twice. But I have actually come to realize that most of the time people don’t even care about that sort of thing, and if they do it means that they have nothing better to do with their lives. I encourage all you guys and girls to wear your best outfits as many times as you want without any fear of being judged for it. I hope you enjoyed this post!



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