Bokeh Fashion Film Festival 2016


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The Mecedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Film Festival is where creatives in the Film, Fashion, Artistic, and any other related industries come together to appreciate and celebrate fashion.The festival takes place during the course of two days, in Cape Town it was 22 April – 23 April from 10am – 6pm held at the Avenue in V&A Waterfront. I was invited to attend the VIP evening gala and on arrival the first the you notice are the C-class Coupe Mercs parking outside the venue. At the entrance we were greeted with a dazzling red carpet and “paparazzi”. The dress code was Fabulously Fashionably Fabulous so you can imagine how gorgeous everyone looked! Upstairs was where all the real fun was happening – socializing, cocktails, fashion. Mannequins all around the vicinity were draped in gorgeous designs by some of the best design students in Cape Town. Some delectable canapes were offered to us, swiftly making its way around the room. IMG_9611IMG_9778aIMG_9603IMG_9598

On display was the new Samsung S7 Gear where we were able to try them out. A special video- if I can call it that- was made specifically for the event as we felt like we were virtually driving in a Mercedes-Benz C-class Coupe on a scenic drive along Champan’s Peak. The is next-level technology, if you looked up you could see the sunroof above you and if you looked to the side you could see the passenger seat and out the window was the sea and mountains – it was mind blowing! This is seriously something you need to own one day, let alone try. IMG_9600

The fashion films that were projected on screens all around the room were very impressive as we had a mixture of both local and international acts as nominees. At the end of the night I was able to meet so many new people and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. Thank you Bokeh!



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