Yeezy Season 6 has been available for a while now and I think its safe to say that it took over Instagram. In previous years, Kanye held unique and over-the-top fashion shows in high-profile locations in New York and because of this we expected something major this year. As we anticipated, NYFW had come and gone and yet there was no YEEZY show. Soon after, the first sign of YEEZY Season 6 was when a pair of socks were posted on Instagram. This caused a stir in the media and made people think he was going to be at Paris Fashion Week. 


Even after the apparent invitation, Kanye was a no-show at Paris Fashion week too. This is where we establish that Season 6 is completely different from other seasons as he presents his new collection on his own terms (such a Kanye thing to do). Most fashion brands release collections according to the patterned Spring/Summer – Fall/Winter, but Kanye is now one of the first brands to break the so called ‘system’ along with French brand, Vetements.

Soon after the images of the pink socks came the YEEZY Season 6 sneakers: Mud Rat 500s which was created with inspirations from Balenciaga and Raf Simons.

This made fans go crazy and we all anticipated the rest of the collection to be released soon – but little did the fans know that the collection had been on Instagram shot in paparazzi  style. Kim was styled by Carine Roitfeld in Season 6 pieces while she was out in LA and this formed the season’s lookbook. After seeing Kim show off the collection’s pieces, fans went crazy. (Kanye you genius). This season you can expect pieces that are wearable and very laid back and of course the neutral colour palette. He has made it so much easier for us to copy Kim’s latest style which is something we are all grateful for. 

It seems as if Kanye wants everyone to dress like Kim as he has made his latest pieces only available as bundles i.e. hoodie, sweatshorts, sneakers. He also wants his Season 6 to be worn as a complete ensemble, not as individual pieces to be worn and diluted with another brand or style, but to be worn as a head-to-toe ’. CRAZY RIGHT?

Soon after Kim Kardashian’s “paparazzi shots”, the YEEZY brand recruited names such as Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods, Amina Blue, the Clermont twins and a few more to promote the season further. He made them remake Kim’s images. 

YEZZY Season 6 Takes Over New York’s Herald Square Subway 





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