DIY Windowsill Dressing


Hello everyone,

Today I want to share with you some inspiration to make your dull windowsill look way prettier without spending too much money. One day I decided that I cannot deal with our current bathroom windowsill that had things ranging from toothbrushes to body wash – I get anxiety when things are not in order. So I thought I would get a bit creative.

My mom and I went out and got some extra small vases from Mr. Price Home as well as some cylinder candles. We popped in a few flowers. We had these perlamoen shells that my Grandmother had when she was still alive and all we did was put a layer of plastic, some potting soil, and after putting in some succulent plants we covered the top with white potting stones. Once everything was in order, I placed the items the way I wanted it and there you have it! This is an extremely easy and water-wise way to make your windowsills look all dressed up. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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