Loving Lipidol!


For the past  two weeks I have been struggling with  terrible breakouts and I think its due to the fact that I have not been cleansing my face regularly and on top of that I have been eating poorly and my water intake was practically zero. It made me feel so awful and trying to cover it with makeup didn’t help at all. On Sunday I got back into the swing of things i.e. drinking lots of water, staying away from sweets and chocolate, and I once again wash my face everyday. Kind reminder: along with cleansing comes toning and moisturizing too.

Can I suggest that you start using oils instead of creams. Personally I am completely in love with skin care oils! I have been using about three different kinds of oil products from different brands and I suggest that you invest in Lipidol products, or at least give it a try. I have been using Lipidol overnight oil and Cleansing oil for a few months and it really gives my skin the care it needs. Might I add that all FIVE products each retail at only R70 which is a real deal (exclusive to Clicks). Below is an attached image for more information. Enjoy!Lipidol


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