Makeup for Ladies on the Go!


This post was inspired by a dear friend who hardly wears make up for work because she cannot find the time. Putting on make up does not require hours in order to do so. Sometimes we feel like we don’t feel like putting make up on, right? Or maybe sometimes our skin looks so radiant and healthy that we don’t really want to ruin it with a layer of foundation. Sometimes we just don’t have enough time to get done and end up having to leave the house looking a bit like a scarecrow! Not to worry ladies, I am here to share my make up routine for when I am on the go and it takes up less than 10 minutes of your time.

  1. Apply moisturizer followed by primer. (I personally prefer facial oils as a moisturizer and am using Marula Oil – it is divine!)
  2. Sparingly apply foundation to the areas you want to cover, we don’t want to go out looking cakey. (I suggest getting good foundation brushes and a blending sponge)
  3. Add colour to your cheeks – blusher or bronzer. (Steer away from very pigmented blushers, try and keep it subtle to appear more natural)
  4. Mascara! (eye liner is optional)
  5. Fill your eyebrows lightly. (I am currently using the Essence eyebrow kit which works well)
  6. Add colour to your lips – nudes, soft pinks, and bright oranges are great for daytime looks. (No red lips)

And there you have it! Remember that this kind of make up look is meant to look easy and subtle so do not overdo any of the steps. Hope you get to use these 6 steps on Monday morning.


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