Weekend Outfits: Streetstyle


IMG-20150907-WA0020_33During the week when I have campus to attend,  I tend to have the worst outfits consisting of skinny jeans, basic T’s and the most comfortable shoes I can find in my cupboard. However,on weekends I get to switch things up and wear much better outfits. Saturdays I tend to dress with a slight ‘streetstyle’ inspiration as opposed to Sundays when I like dressing more feminine. ADSCN4369

Figuratively speaking, I feel as if my ‘streetstyle’ outfits are the ones I am usually most comfortable in because it comes from all different inspirations and hopefully it will somehow inspire others too. It also allows me to portray a bit of my personality and of course my personal style and this is basically the sole reason as to why we dress the way we do – to express our personalities and taste in fashion. I am still trying to shape my wardrobe so that it consists of good quality items that will not go out of fashion easily. That way you can mix and match so many different items in your closet, your sense of style will be timeless and you will be saving rather than splurging on silly fashion fads that go out of style in no time! ADSCN4371_50


Gold chain – Woolworths | Top – Woolworths | Jacket – Legit (borrowed from my sister) | Jeggings – Woolworths | Shoes – Zoom

Make up by : Gabriella  BarriesADSCN4377_23I had my make up done by Gabriella Barries, who is an aspiring make up artist. We used to attend the same High School and bumped into each other one day, exchanged a few words to one another and decided to try this out.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

She is so lovely and down to earth! She gave me some great tips, did some contouring and I loved the outcome because my make up didn’t really feel “cakey”. She has a beauty page that is currently under construction, hopefully it will be ready soon so that you guys can see her fabulous work. For now you should follow her on IG: @gabriellasophiabarries or @themakeupboxxbygsbIMG-20150908-WA0002_67AIMG-20150908-WA0004_67

These are her top 3 make up tips that all of us ladies definitely need to hear!


  1. Before applying foundation or concealer, apply a light hydrating gel mask as a replacement for moisturiser. This will help to lock in moisture whilst also helping your make up last longer, especially with Summer coming up. It will fill out all the lines and create a protective barrier for your skin. Lastly, a hydrating moisturiser will add radiance and give your skin a sun-kissed glow without needing much highlighting.
  2. When concealing under the eyes (or highlighting) apply setting or loose powder heavily over the concealer and leave for a few seconds to “bake”. Then brush off lightly with a fluffy powder brush. This technique helps to set concealer and prevent cracking or foundation from sitting in any fine lines. It also mattifies and emphasises highlighting.
  3. To make your lip colour last longer, first apply a lip butter (or any good lip balm, I personally use Blistex), then apply foundation on the lips and use a lip liner over that before applying your actual lipstick. OR to have super long lasting lips, use a lip liner as a colour itself. To make lips pop and appear fuller, dab highlighting powder with your finger on the middle part of your lips.

All of the above tips can be used in both summer and winter as highlighting will add warmth in winter and radiance in summer. Moisturiser helps prevent dehydration in winter whilst preventing “melting” in summer.IMG-20150908-WA0005_67

I hope everyone will be taking Gabriella’s advice because I sure will be!


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