Men’s Street Style


I think that men’s fashion has become interesting with all the new evolving trends i.e. tights and tall T’s that look like dresses. But apart from that, men’s street style has now become part of the hype for a while now and I admire people who have good taste in clothing and  have their own cool and creative sense of style.

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I wanted to switch my little blog up a bit and I felt like doing something fun and new! By now you have probably figured it out, and yes this is a men’s street style post! 😀

I decided to swerve past all the mediocre blog posts by blogging about things that not only interest me, but will hopefully interest other people too, and in that way more people will be able to relate to my posts. When we push ourselves to try new things, its surprising to see what we are actually capable of. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Stuff like this is actually so much fun if you do it as a hobby, like I do. During the making of this blog post, not only did I get to test my own creativeness, I also needed to tap into new skills  (I’m no photographer, I only know the basics) I also got to help someone else feel comfortable in front of the camera! (maybe its just because he’s my boyfriend haha). Doing a look post for menswear was a teeny tiny little goal I had for my blog and of course there is so much more to come.

I asked @brandonandrews to be my muse and it was both our first time doing something like this. I grabbed a few things from his cupboard  that I liked and on my way home we just quickly took some photos. The sun was setting really fast and all the stops either had poor lighting or an awful background. Luckily I had a mini brain wave and I’m happy with the outcome. 🙂



Starter Cap  | Tall-Tee – Cotton On | Baseball Jacket – Woolworths

 Distressed Jeans – Zara | Nike FLight Sneakers


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